Eternal Lies at the Edge of the Empire

Wheeling and Dealing

Act 2 Session 1

The Black hole Arrives in orbit at the Wheel.

  1. The crew Registers everyone as preferred guest, transferring 1000, credits each and gaining restricted access to the station.
  2. Caen and Pash begin gambling, well Tendar runs in to an old Mon Calamari friend who looks a little beat up and skittish.
  3. Vex-41, and Tendar take the Mon Calamari Gial Tills on board the Black Hole. Then through a series of experiments they learn how to gain access to the fights as spectators, and the the nectar on The Wheel is colored red and makes people want violence.
  4. After some computer Slicing Tendar locates where the email exchange with Trammel was Coming from, a nicer apartment in the administration district of the wheel.
  5. The group goes down to The Fragrant Flower Shop in the shopping sector. There the normal shop keeper tells them to come back to the fights on Friday, and narrowly avoid conflict with the station security droids.
  6. Some more Slicing latter the group gains access codes to Cal Alsen’s appartments but only when he is gone, they set up alerts so when the appartment is entered or exited or when Cal’s personal shuttle comes or goes they get alerts.
  7. An alert happens around 9 am on Monday and the crew makes it’s way to Cal’s apartment.
    #After searching the Apartment they uncover that Cal is an imperial operative of some sort and that he is addicted to Nectar. His room has some clear Nectar, as well as some red nectar and new blue shaded Nectar.
  8. The crew of the black hole wait a while for cal to come back to his apartment, getting a notification on Thursday late into the night, and shortly after Cal comes back into his appartment, where he is grabbed and taped to a chair.
  9. After Tendar brutally tortures Cal, along with Caen help they discover a few things. Cal is unaware of anything Mythos related. Shukri Savitree, a former lover of his fled to The wheel right after the failed ’24 ritual.
  10. Shukri spent some time setting up a new criminal organization with Cal’s help. She recruited a big Herglic named Thawi Uwdom to run the criminal operation. Soon nectar began to flow in from the street gang. Cal got high, Shukri left to Ko Krack her family’s private estate.
  11. Friday Fights start soon so the Crew triple doses Cal with nectar and leaves him tied up in his own apartments. Vex-41 confiscates all of the nectar that was on hand at Cal’s
  12. Most of the Crew enter the fights as observers, but Caen joins as a fighter. Everyone enters throught the Fragrant flower store, this time being ran by a happy transdoshin
  13. After being led deep into the bowels of the station they go through multiple airlocks, stairways and switchbacks the group is led to some steel risers overlooking a fighting pit.
  14. there is a dentist chair where The cultist are selling Nectar cut with kerosene to some spectators and there is a grim sense of foreboding and violence in the stands them selves.
  15. A Nexu devours a group of Jawa’s in a horifying bloody way, and the crowd goes nuts for it. the second fight pits Caen unarmed against 4 rodians, Oska sneaks in a vibro knife and Caen uses it to gleefully murder the Rodians.
  16. Next a pair of Gamoreans enter the fight and after one dies messly by a cinder block to the head, the second Pig man is able to knock Caen unconscious. A formidable Wookie then enters the stage and messily kills the remain Gamoerans, before slicing a slaver girl into many pieces. The crowd loves all of the slaughter and chants ominously at the display.
  17. Caen is taken below in to the fighting rink and the rest of the group witness some of the blood and body parts are pushed into a large steal grill within the fighting pit.
  18. The next day Tendar, Oska, Vex-41 and 5/10/15/20 navigate back through the maze and find the fighting pits. There a Devorian cultist is cleaning up still from the fights, Oska draws out her smuggled in disruptor pistol, and the group quickly makes there way down the hallway of the steel grate.
  19. through the grate the blood and body parts descend down a slippery hallway before they fall through a hole, over which stands many buckets hanging from chains over this drop off. after some of the crew almost falls in they all get a glimpse of the horrible major mouth that messily consumes the bodies of the fallen, and occasionally belches forth nectar.
  20. Tendar notices that the area where the mouth is could be blown free of the Wheel with a little bit of explosives and have the rest of it seal to prevent the whole station from decompressing
  21. The group runs into Moc Eno a corrupted robot that is working along side the cult, right before the droid was able to share anything interesting, Tendar removed both of the security droid restraining bolts, causing it to reconnect with the system wide main frame.
  22. One the droid became frantic demanding support from the rest of the network of security robots, then the crew threw him into the mouth.
  23. Then Tendar, Osaka and the droid continued deeper into the cults sewers hang out. they dealt quickly with a large group of cultists and now have free access to the cults chambers but if you listen you can hear the sound of many more feet, the cackling in the tongue of lies echo down the chamber the crew is going to have company very soon.


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