Eternal Lies at the Edge of the Empire

Treasure hunts, and Snipers

  1. The crew of the black hole left Cro Kruck the astroid home of Shukri Savitree behind after looking through her vast Library they found her journal which was most usefull. Savi’s Journal
  2. Savi’s Library also contained a Core Clue** a list of detail list of a multiple series of hyper drive jump coordinates, when used at the right time, at the right starting spot, seems like it would navigate to some where. Other useful info was her right hand man a Zabrek name MaleFax, was recently dispatched to Aurea to discover more of JB mysterious Expedition.
  3. The Library also contained a series of star charts and search logs, it MaleFax was obsesed with linking the cult’s activities to an ancient Sith clan, he had logs of a wreaked cruiser that may contain Sith artifacts.
  4. Following this alleged “treasure map” led the crew to a derelict ship left from eons old war. after careful exploring the group left with a pair of ancient burned out light sabers, some past it’s date explosives, and 10 golden Sith mask in a trunk.
  5. The black hole and crew made it’s way to Aurea, a city famous for it’s artisans and , There they investigated the lead of a mysterious email server who was corresponding to the other cult leaders. Unable to turn up a physical address to the email, they sent an email to The owner of the account one J. B. they set a meet under their terms for the next day at a museum
  6. The crew toured Aurea and got a feel for the land, the sounds of a familiar song filled was heard so they tracked the song to a 2nd story apartment where it was blaring out of a sound system. After gaining entry Vex-41 and Vendri found a horrific scene, 2 nectar addicts would do the drugs listen to this music featuring a haunting singer and beat up each other.
  7. The 2 men were dead from wounds they caused to each other the soundtrack played nearby Vex was able to get a sample and confirm it was similar to an already collected sample.
  8. Vendri disguised as a Zabrak went to the meet with JB, With out saying a word he pressed the 2 people who showed up for information a Stung out Buisness man Named Jaa Brooks offered many apology and promised the new work would be better. The other man a Agualish served as a body guard. When wordless intimidation proved less use full for information gathering, the scene turned to gunfire. With Vex-41 and Vendri shooting Jaa dead and the auqalish armed with a pair of vibro axes escaped into the crowd.
  9. The 2 men had arrived on a fancy speeder bike which was proceed to be taken by our hero’s who after searching it’s memory banks had several great address in which to visit.
  10. In a plan to sweep thing up quickly the team took the stolen speed bike to the first address in the memory banks, Labeled Cortez’s house they arrived to an empty house it seams no one head been there for sometime, with a little skulduggery they managed to enter and confirm the house was empty. Then a phone call was made to the house as soon as Tendar stepped up to read the screen a blaster rifle shoot rang out.
  11. A sniper had set up a perch across the roof from Cortez’s masion and evidently from the MRE and stuff nearby had laid in wait for some time. A Gun fight breaks out and in the end both Vex-41 and Tendar are unconscious, the speeder bike is blown up and Vendri has a new sniper rifle.
  12. This leaves the crew with more questions and more injuries, who wanted cortez dead? Who was Jaa the business man they killed in broad daylight? Is anyone dumb enough to give Tendar more explosives? Tune in Saturday!


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