Eternal Lies at the Edge of the Empire

Hunting the Hunter

  1. Pash after spending some time with a questionable lady, wakes up unconscious aboard a mysterious ship.
  2. After seeing the situation he sees Cael is trapped in some slave rigged transport headed to a unknown gas planet.
  3. A daring atempt to breakout results in both Cael and Pash being knocked out again. they awake in cages on the surface below the lair of gases, a Zabrak named Savi Shukri is standing over the cage preforming a dark ritual.
  4. Savi stabs both Pash and Cael and covers the wounds in nectar, after a few hours the ritual reveals it’s true purpose, a minor mouth begins talking and biting from the nectar filled wound, she summoned a mouth on the limbs of the crew.
  5. Savi then drops in the key’s for each cage and tells them they will be hunted, Savi is now naked and both the mouth in her arm and neck yell the tongue of lies to the other mouths.
  6. After a blood chase and fight in the jungle Pash and Cael manage to kill Shukri and escape the surface of the planet up to a mansion which rest above the poisonous gas.
  7. Mean while the rest of the black hole crew is deep within a service level of the wheel in the bowels of the cults operations, They search and find several Iridium charges, preped for demolitions work. They also find a detailed journal saved by one droid, See the wiki for Neo Moc journal.
  8. Now the rest of the cult high on nectar and seeking vengeance come charging back into the sewers looking for blood. A epic fight breaks out and most of the cult is killed but the crew is pushed back to fighting arena and closer to the major mouth beneath it.
  9. Some quick demo work ends with Tendar sticking explosives to a bad guy and Oska kicking into the mouth before both are blown up in a spectacular detonation.
  10. The crew high tales it back to the touristy section of the wheel where they are informed by the com one system that they have had their visiting passes revoked, They quickly make they way back to the black hole, not before 5/10/15/20 sneaked aboard the cloakwing craft belonging to the imperial officer XXXX. They stole the ship and used it’s memory banks to retrace it’s steps back to a mysterous gas planet named Ko Kruck.
  11. Ko Kruck is where cael and pash have been resting up after there hunting expedtions and the crew is reunited back together once again.
  12. Ko Kruck has a well packed library it seems in addtion to hunting people Savi Shukri has been looking into the occult. They can gleam alot of clues from Savi’s Journal
  13. Accounting journals tell a different tale, Shukri has been funding her portion of the fight proceeds to one Zabrak name MalFax a Sith devotee who has been leading a team of mercenaries around the globe. they have been looking into who liar from beyond real is, and exactly what his connection with an ancient Sith sect are.


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