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Knowledge skills
Since ToC is a skill heavy game I am adding 3 bonus skill points to everyone which represent background learning, they are most intellect stat skills some presence. In addition to the knowledge ones on the sheet I would suggest everyone cover some of the following. Accounting, Archaeology, Art, Bureaucracy, Engineering, Mythos*, Forensics, Geology, History, Languages, Law, Research, Jedi teachings*, Physics, Sith teachings*, Imperial Talk(pr) , and reassurance(pr) . open to other ideas if you want your character to have something. those with a * I want to know how you got those skills before you can take them. You can invest additional skill points into these skills, but for most test simply having the skill is enough

for EotEEL(Edge of the Empire Eternal Lies) we will be combining stability and strain into the same pool. I will be tracking another pool called sanity. Your starting Sanity is 8+presence+willpower. For ease of use this will be in the ToC style spending, as mostly called upon in the Eternal Lies book.

Sanity checks
Determine how many points of sanity you wish to spend and subtract them from your sanity then add them to a d6. you can spend into negative but not below -12.
Most test are Difficulty 4
plus 1 if more than half strain or wounds (stacks)
plus 1 if Mythos or supernatural
Failure lose Sanity loss from sanity pool, success may still lose some at a smaller amount. Capped at maximum for highest potential loss with single incident. Seeing a perverse murder scene may cost one sanity (and then it’s not worth the spend). Seeing a dead body rise to kill you may be a 3 point loss, when Yog-Shogoth rises from the sea to speak directly into your mind is a 9 sanity loss

Sanity from 0 to -5 Shaken; add one black dice to most test.
Sanity from -6 to -11 Blasted; Develop one permanent mental illness. Only actions are panicked flight, frenzied attacks or doing nothing colorfully (gibbering incoherently, chant the name of subway stations etc)
Sanity -12 – Incurable Insane; you may commit one last crazy act before retiring your character.

Source of Stability
To recover Sanity between investigations you must seek out your Source of stability, after spending an afternoon going to your place or doing your activity, roll 1d6 and gain that many points of sanity. If you seek out and spend time with your person who is a source of stability(holonet doesn’t count) you gain 4+1d6 sanity.

When your drive impels you to an irrationally headless action.
Hard driver (plot required)
resisted -4 sanity, or 1/3 pool whichever is greater.
Obeyed +2 sanity
Soft driver (party can justify for others)
resisted -2 sanity
obeyed +1 sanity

Pulp Confidence
Performing an awesome action +1d6 sanity (gm’s call)

Psychological Assist
With the doctor spending 2 strain and making a hard medicine test can make one target lucid and happy until the end of scene or next san loss. This does not heal sanity but can let a player ignore the loss they did take.

Mental Illness table
1 Shell shock (soft)
2 Addicted (soft)
3 Delusion
4 Homicidal mania
5 Megalomania
6 Multiple Personality Disorder
7 Paranoia
8 Phobia
9 Obsession
10 Selective Amnesia

house rules

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