Eternal Lies at the Edge of the Empire

Treasure hunts, and Snipers
  1. The crew of the black hole left Cro Kruck the astroid home of Shukri Savitree behind after looking through her vast Library they found her journal which was most usefull. Savi’s Journal
  2. Savi’s Library also contained a Core Clue** a list of detail list of a multiple series of hyper drive jump coordinates, when used at the right time, at the right starting spot, seems like it would navigate to some where. Other useful info was her right hand man a Zabrek name MaleFax, was recently dispatched to Aurea to discover more of JB mysterious Expedition.
  3. The Library also contained a series of star charts and search logs, it MaleFax was obsesed with linking the cult’s activities to an ancient Sith clan, he had logs of a wreaked cruiser that may contain Sith artifacts.
  4. Following this alleged “treasure map” led the crew to a derelict ship left from eons old war. after careful exploring the group left with a pair of ancient burned out light sabers, some past it’s date explosives, and 10 golden Sith mask in a trunk.
  5. The black hole and crew made it’s way to Aurea, a city famous for it’s artisans and , There they investigated the lead of a mysterious email server who was corresponding to the other cult leaders. Unable to turn up a physical address to the email, they sent an email to The owner of the account one J. B. they set a meet under their terms for the next day at a museum
  6. The crew toured Aurea and got a feel for the land, the sounds of a familiar song filled was heard so they tracked the song to a 2nd story apartment where it was blaring out of a sound system. After gaining entry Vex-41 and Vendri found a horrific scene, 2 nectar addicts would do the drugs listen to this music featuring a haunting singer and beat up each other.
  7. The 2 men were dead from wounds they caused to each other the soundtrack played nearby Vex was able to get a sample and confirm it was similar to an already collected sample.
  8. Vendri disguised as a Zabrak went to the meet with JB, With out saying a word he pressed the 2 people who showed up for information a Stung out Buisness man Named Jaa Brooks offered many apology and promised the new work would be better. The other man a Agualish served as a body guard. When wordless intimidation proved less use full for information gathering, the scene turned to gunfire. With Vex-41 and Vendri shooting Jaa dead and the auqalish armed with a pair of vibro axes escaped into the crowd.
  9. The 2 men had arrived on a fancy speeder bike which was proceed to be taken by our hero’s who after searching it’s memory banks had several great address in which to visit.
  10. In a plan to sweep thing up quickly the team took the stolen speed bike to the first address in the memory banks, Labeled Cortez’s house they arrived to an empty house it seams no one head been there for sometime, with a little skulduggery they managed to enter and confirm the house was empty. Then a phone call was made to the house as soon as Tendar stepped up to read the screen a blaster rifle shoot rang out.
  11. A sniper had set up a perch across the roof from Cortez’s masion and evidently from the MRE and stuff nearby had laid in wait for some time. A Gun fight breaks out and in the end both Vex-41 and Tendar are unconscious, the speeder bike is blown up and Vendri has a new sniper rifle.
  12. This leaves the crew with more questions and more injuries, who wanted cortez dead? Who was Jaa the business man they killed in broad daylight? Is anyone dumb enough to give Tendar more explosives? Tune in Saturday!
Hunting the Hunter
  1. Pash after spending some time with a questionable lady, wakes up unconscious aboard a mysterious ship.
  2. After seeing the situation he sees Cael is trapped in some slave rigged transport headed to a unknown gas planet.
  3. A daring atempt to breakout results in both Cael and Pash being knocked out again. they awake in cages on the surface below the lair of gases, a Zabrak named Savi Shukri is standing over the cage preforming a dark ritual.
  4. Savi stabs both Pash and Cael and covers the wounds in nectar, after a few hours the ritual reveals it’s true purpose, a minor mouth begins talking and biting from the nectar filled wound, she summoned a mouth on the limbs of the crew.
  5. Savi then drops in the key’s for each cage and tells them they will be hunted, Savi is now naked and both the mouth in her arm and neck yell the tongue of lies to the other mouths.
  6. After a blood chase and fight in the jungle Pash and Cael manage to kill Shukri and escape the surface of the planet up to a mansion which rest above the poisonous gas.
  7. Mean while the rest of the black hole crew is deep within a service level of the wheel in the bowels of the cults operations, They search and find several Iridium charges, preped for demolitions work. They also find a detailed journal saved by one droid, See the wiki for Neo Moc journal.
  8. Now the rest of the cult high on nectar and seeking vengeance come charging back into the sewers looking for blood. A epic fight breaks out and most of the cult is killed but the crew is pushed back to fighting arena and closer to the major mouth beneath it.
  9. Some quick demo work ends with Tendar sticking explosives to a bad guy and Oska kicking into the mouth before both are blown up in a spectacular detonation.
  10. The crew high tales it back to the touristy section of the wheel where they are informed by the com one system that they have had their visiting passes revoked, They quickly make they way back to the black hole, not before 5/10/15/20 sneaked aboard the cloakwing craft belonging to the imperial officer XXXX. They stole the ship and used it’s memory banks to retrace it’s steps back to a mysterous gas planet named Ko Kruck.
  11. Ko Kruck is where cael and pash have been resting up after there hunting expedtions and the crew is reunited back together once again.
  12. Ko Kruck has a well packed library it seems in addtion to hunting people Savi Shukri has been looking into the occult. They can gleam alot of clues from Savi’s Journal
  13. Accounting journals tell a different tale, Shukri has been funding her portion of the fight proceeds to one Zabrak name MalFax a Sith devotee who has been leading a team of mercenaries around the globe. they have been looking into who liar from beyond real is, and exactly what his connection with an ancient Sith sect are.
Wheeling and Dealing
Act 2 Session 1

The Black hole Arrives in orbit at the Wheel.

  1. The crew Registers everyone as preferred guest, transferring 1000, credits each and gaining restricted access to the station.
  2. Caen and Pash begin gambling, well Tendar runs in to an old Mon Calamari friend who looks a little beat up and skittish.
  3. Vex-41, and Tendar take the Mon Calamari Gial Tills on board the Black Hole. Then through a series of experiments they learn how to gain access to the fights as spectators, and the the nectar on The Wheel is colored red and makes people want violence.
  4. After some computer Slicing Tendar locates where the email exchange with Trammel was Coming from, a nicer apartment in the administration district of the wheel.
  5. The group goes down to The Fragrant Flower Shop in the shopping sector. There the normal shop keeper tells them to come back to the fights on Friday, and narrowly avoid conflict with the station security droids.
  6. Some more Slicing latter the group gains access codes to Cal Alsen’s appartments but only when he is gone, they set up alerts so when the appartment is entered or exited or when Cal’s personal shuttle comes or goes they get alerts.
  7. An alert happens around 9 am on Monday and the crew makes it’s way to Cal’s apartment.
    #After searching the Apartment they uncover that Cal is an imperial operative of some sort and that he is addicted to Nectar. His room has some clear Nectar, as well as some red nectar and new blue shaded Nectar.
  8. The crew of the black hole wait a while for cal to come back to his apartment, getting a notification on Thursday late into the night, and shortly after Cal comes back into his appartment, where he is grabbed and taped to a chair.
  9. After Tendar brutally tortures Cal, along with Caen help they discover a few things. Cal is unaware of anything Mythos related. Shukri Savitree, a former lover of his fled to The wheel right after the failed ’24 ritual.
  10. Shukri spent some time setting up a new criminal organization with Cal’s help. She recruited a big Herglic named Thawi Uwdom to run the criminal operation. Soon nectar began to flow in from the street gang. Cal got high, Shukri left to Ko Krack her family’s private estate.
  11. Friday Fights start soon so the Crew triple doses Cal with nectar and leaves him tied up in his own apartments. Vex-41 confiscates all of the nectar that was on hand at Cal’s
  12. Most of the Crew enter the fights as observers, but Caen joins as a fighter. Everyone enters throught the Fragrant flower store, this time being ran by a happy transdoshin
  13. After being led deep into the bowels of the station they go through multiple airlocks, stairways and switchbacks the group is led to some steel risers overlooking a fighting pit.
  14. there is a dentist chair where The cultist are selling Nectar cut with kerosene to some spectators and there is a grim sense of foreboding and violence in the stands them selves.
  15. A Nexu devours a group of Jawa’s in a horifying bloody way, and the crowd goes nuts for it. the second fight pits Caen unarmed against 4 rodians, Oska sneaks in a vibro knife and Caen uses it to gleefully murder the Rodians.
  16. Next a pair of Gamoreans enter the fight and after one dies messly by a cinder block to the head, the second Pig man is able to knock Caen unconscious. A formidable Wookie then enters the stage and messily kills the remain Gamoerans, before slicing a slaver girl into many pieces. The crowd loves all of the slaughter and chants ominously at the display.
  17. Caen is taken below in to the fighting rink and the rest of the group witness some of the blood and body parts are pushed into a large steal grill within the fighting pit.
  18. The next day Tendar, Oska, Vex-41 and 5/10/15/20 navigate back through the maze and find the fighting pits. There a Devorian cultist is cleaning up still from the fights, Oska draws out her smuggled in disruptor pistol, and the group quickly makes there way down the hallway of the steel grate.
  19. through the grate the blood and body parts descend down a slippery hallway before they fall through a hole, over which stands many buckets hanging from chains over this drop off. after some of the crew almost falls in they all get a glimpse of the horrible major mouth that messily consumes the bodies of the fallen, and occasionally belches forth nectar.
  20. Tendar notices that the area where the mouth is could be blown free of the Wheel with a little bit of explosives and have the rest of it seal to prevent the whole station from decompressing
  21. The group runs into Moc Eno a corrupted robot that is working along side the cult, right before the droid was able to share anything interesting, Tendar removed both of the security droid restraining bolts, causing it to reconnect with the system wide main frame.
  22. One the droid became frantic demanding support from the rest of the network of security robots, then the crew threw him into the mouth.
  23. Then Tendar, Osaka and the droid continued deeper into the cults sewers hang out. they dealt quickly with a large group of cultists and now have free access to the cults chambers but if you listen you can hear the sound of many more feet, the cackling in the tongue of lies echo down the chamber the crew is going to have company very soon.
EL EotE Act 1 episode 3
Gang banging
  1. After repairing Content Not Found: null and Vex the crew discovers the crate filled with Eg Ayers stuff was taken with an ominous message “Leave the planet, set a course and I will have my droid bring you your stuff, -Det Pitzer”
  2. Our investigators track Pitzer to private detective office in sector g7, then after a failed slicing attempt they gain access to the office the old fashioned way to discover a trap laid by Pitzer
  3. After Killing the private eye and his goons our team returns to the black hole, with 1) a battle droid in need of repair. 2) a safe that will become the new weapons locker, 3) the crate stolen by pitzer, 4) A solid lead that the harassment was order by a CAPTAIN WALKER from a burner commlink.
  4. To satisfy Vex’s curiosity Cael is drugged with NECTAR which was taken from the Gands, Cael enjoys himself a little too much and Vex can now examine blood to determine if some one has used nectar.
  5. After some shopping and equipment the crew of the black hole take off in a MAAT and fast talk there way on to The reluctant kiss
  6. They fight their way on to the bridge where they discover a security consal with lips and a tongue, it is killed with blaster fire but the image of teeth haunts them all.
  7. after slicing the way past the security systems they discover the next two stops a study on the passengers deck, and the top floor observation deck.
  8. The study hold Captain Walker the leader of all the drug gangs, but not the cult. After fighting and almost getting disintegrated they gain the upper hand with Walker and force him in to telling them the truth, and paying them 20,000 credits.
  9. The Cult aboard the reluctant kiss, worships in a nectar fueled orgy a MAJOR MOUTH the mouth produces a secretion that is bottled sold and distrubuted by Walker and his gang of gands.
  10. The cult is one of many that worships the thing with a thousand mouths. Tremmell the leader of the Corusant cult (who is quite insane) keeps in touch with other branches of the Cult throughout the galaxy.
  11. In the study the crew of the black hole takes many books related to the cults obscure Mythos Worship, As well as the book being written by Tremell THE DRIPPING MOUTH EMENATES
  12. The book has leads on some of the other cults around the galaxy, enough to hunt them down and put an end to the cult.
  13. The drives of the crew push them up to the observation deck despite the fear of what they will find.
  14. The observation deck is filled with naked lust filled orgy worshipers and a grotesque mouth the size of a couch. The lips and tongue of the creature participate with glee in the disgusting orgy, well a layer of nectar drips out of the things mouth.
  15. A fight ensues injuring several revelers and forcing the mouth to flee to hyperspace, by some means of travel that is yet to be understood.
  16. Trammel is interrogated but yields little more then the ranting of a mad man, the party makes it’s way to the MAAT and flees. Before the black hole jumps to orbit they see the reluctant kiss go up in a huge explosion set by Tendar to the yachts main engines

*So the plan is to spend some time, resting up recovering sanity, and set out for one of the destinations on the next stop list.
Next Stops

ELEotE Act 1 Episode 2
Corusant Dreaming

the Blackhole went through a little retro-fit to add a bay to store a hover car and add a storage bay to the ship itself.

  1. UNIVERSE CORUSANT LANGUAGE ACADEMY did house one EG AYERS a mathematician and History major. Ayers went missing back in ‘24 on a privately funded archaeology dig.
    Some intimidation turned up a collection of Ayers belongs including his ‘24 trip itinerary to SRILUUR an outer rim planet.
  2. Lowdug’s data key belongs to a data vault, whose contents were seized by the Empire.
    a DETECTIVE DEFOAM a corrupt Corusant cop, wanted the boxes held by the Empire and is willing to pay someone to steal them
  3. A night creep with bloody results turns up the sealed data box. The box includes several explicit holo’s from ‘24. the original group holo of the ‘24 investigators. Lastly an encrypted account ledger of some kind.
  4. Most of the holo’s have recurring characters including an A list celebrity Bend Branin, and a B list adult star a twi’lek O-MAZING. A younger ESCAVARY is in most of the pictures. Most of the pictures take place on the same observation deck of a Star Yacht
  5. O-Mazing met Eg Ayers at UCLA where she went to some of his “Sex Parties” she doesn’t go any more, but she was seen buying some mysterious liquid from some GAND GANGSTERS
  6. Bend Branin died back in ‘24 down on level 1313 or Corusant in what the tabloids were calling a sensational drug fueled orgy. The place he died Gob referred to as THE BARN
  7. the barn has sat empty for a few years but the explosions and teeth marks still show where something big tore through a wall. Two different summing circles etched into the duracrete show some ritual took place there along time ago.
  8. The accounting ledger once decrypted pointed to an accountant named BUCHWALD. He was Escavary’s accountant up until his death in ‘24. Most of the money was earned selling a drug called NECTAR on the streets with various gangs.
  9. Buchwald confirmed the yacht “THE RELUCTANT KISS” was bought by a TRAMMEL who also bought most of Escavary’s occult library.
  10. The only gang still running drugs our THE LOST ONES, Gand gangers who wear flamboyant suits and control all of the dirt side Nectar Trade. Cael picked a fight with a crew of Gand Gansters and all though almost died he did walk away with thier MAAT and (2) ACP light repeating guns, and whatever was in the back of the vehicle
  11. Vendri was ambushed and tortured by one PIZER a private detective who beat the desire to stay out of the current nectar trade out of Vendri, or so Vendri let him beleive.
ELEotE Act 1 episode 1

Core Clues
1 In ‘24 a group of investigator traveled the galaxy on some sort of mission
2 Those investigators apparently met with disaster. One of them WALTER WIN(human), was Jan Win-Rog’s father. He forbade her from talking about those day in ‘24-days from which Walter never fully recovered-but now he’s passed on, Jan wants to know what it was that happened.
3 JAN knows of one remaining cohort of her father’s from his investigatory days; LOWDUG a rodian from rodia. She has a dozen letters that Lowdug wrote to Walter over the years.
The letters came from two address. A Rodian sanitarium and the Lowdug family estate in the swamps of Rodia
4 Lowdug has been a patient at Joy Grove since ‘24. GOB reached the hospital later that same year. Lowdug was out in ABY0-1 but Gob was in residence without interruption since ’24
5 Someone has been etching mysterious warding eye symbols on the walls of Joy Grove.
6 Lowdug reveals what he can remember about ’24 investigation. There was a depraved cult the summoned something Walter called THE THING WITH A THOUSAND MOUTHS.
7 Lowdug confides that he has a notebook with more info, as well as a secret key at his estate.
8 GOB recalls a little bit about the cult itself, but his memory is a jumble of nightmarish deformed images fogged out by medications. He remembers ESCAVARY “crazy parties”
9 Gob killed Vowrry (a wookie investigator) by stabbing him to death the he fled the ritual scene.
10 Escavary cast some kind of spell that night, on the cultists. “or on me at least” this was right before the summoning.
11 Gob only saw a glimpse of the thing they summoned before he fled a midst the blaster play and explosives. it had “long weird limbs and no head, but mouths, lots of mouths and teeth”
12 Lowdug hid a box in the rear of his estate. It contains the journal of when he was off his meds. Disturbing pictures of the thing that was summoned. A key for a Corusant data vault, and a ancient warding stone stylized like an eye.
13 The crew of the black hole are attacked by thugs. The thugs sport tattoo’s from the wheel, and speak a language not anything familiar to anyone.


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